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Get an insight into how 'Elite Powerlifter' Jen Smith trains!

Whether you're new, experienced, or looking for a little more structure in your training, this program is perfect for you! 
Receive a full 12 weeks of customised programming aimed to increase your 1RM's! This program is percentage based, using a formula with your current maxes (if known) to project a new max for each of the lifts.

We will have you increasing strength and gaining muscle following a structured program that uses progressive overload to ensure you are continually progressing!

This program includes 4 training days per week consisting of:

  •  1 Squat/Lower Body Accessories day
  • 2 Bench/Upper Body Accessory days
  • 1 Deadlift/Lower Body Accessories day

Along with the program, you will also receive an info pack with how to follow the program and some warm up drills you might find helpful.