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Ghost Hot Cocoa Mix

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$59.95 AUD

Before bed cravings are a thing of the past with Ghost Lifestyle's exciting new release, High Protein Hot Cocoa Mix! Not only does it taste incredible but it also features 20g of protein and only 130 calories per serve making it the ultimate guilt free evening indulgence.

Ghost have really put extra thought into making this product and have made the main protein source ProTherma hydrolysed whey protein meaning it is heat stabilised protein making it incredibly easy for it to be mixed with hot water without it affecting the texture or taste and also makes it easier for our bodies to digest.

  • Increase Daily Protein Intake
  • The Ultimate Guilt Free Sweet Treat
  • Ideal For The Winter Months
  • Easy To Mix Heat Stabilised Whey Protein

But What Is ProTherma Hydrolysed Whey Protein?

ProTherma is an exciting new alternative for hot ready to mix powder supplements to achieve protein rich formulations that are stable and highly soluble in hot water application. Essentially it is protein that can take the heat! 😎🔥

Now for the best part! Ghost Hot Cocoa is available in a delicious Milk Chocolate flavour with REAL Mini Marshmallows 🤤