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Welcome to the event of our 12 WEEK CHALLENGE starting 6th January!
Open to EVERYONE (you don't have to be local to enter)
We all have 12 weeks of strict training and nutrition to stick by, and you will be judged on your compliance AND results!

Every entrant will be asked to pay an initial fee of $50 which goes towards the prize pool of $3000 OR MORE! (the more people who enter the more prize money there is). We also have supplement stacks, clothing and gym memberships to giveaway.. You won't want to miss out!

If you aren’t a current Platform Strong client the coaching for the 12 weeks is HALF PRICE $20 p/w which includes your programming and nutrition. OR $10 p/w for nutrition only. This will be setup AFTER your $50 fee has been paid!

R U L E S :
- You must check-in weekly! 
- All food diaries are to be submitted of a weekend for feedbacks on Monday’s as a part of your check-in, EVERYTHING MUST be tracked!
- Weigh in and Progress photos are to be submitted weekly as a part of your check-in.
- NO MISSED WORKOUTS! We are judging on compliance and consistency and we will be watching!!

No excuses guys, let’s make it happen and really kick the year off with some huge results! Everyone is welcome to invite their friends.

****Payment MUST be made by Sat 4th Jan****

Entry fee is non-refundable.