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Build a Strong Bikini body with Platform Strong's '12 Week Bikini Strong Program'

Whether you're new, experienced, or looking for a little more structure in your training, this program is perfect for you! 
Receive a full 12 weeks of customised programming aimed to increase your conditioning and strength! This program is percentage based, using a formula with your current maxes (if known) to progress your physique and strength to the next level.
We will have you increasing strength and gaining muscle during the 12 week period.

This program includes 4 training days per week consisting of:

⟶ 2 Squat/Lower Body Accessories days

⟶ 1 Bench/Upper Body Accessory day

⟶ 1 Deadlift/Lower Body Accessories day

This program also includes a cardio protocol to follow that increases in intensity over the duration of the 12 weeks.

Along with the program, you will also receive an info pack with how to follow the program and some warm up drills you might find helpful.