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10 Week Challenge Entry Fee

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:Please read FULL description for details!



You all loved our first challenge so much, we knew we had to bring it back for 2021 even BIGGER! And this time we've gone B I G.

2020 has been a year.. So what better way to leave behind and start fresh than to work on YOU, with US, and kick some fitness goals!?

Let us help you create a healthy, balanced and sustainable lifestyle using the same approach that we use on both our clients and ourselves to achieve great results. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength, weight gain, or just to become a healthier version of you, we are here for it!

Don't be fooled though, this isn't your regular '10 week challenge' 🙄 where we send you off with a generic program and meal plan, never to speak again.
Our 10 week challenge offers one-on-one and group coaching to ensure that you stay on track while becoming part of our team community.


What's Included?

  • 10 Weeks worth of customised programming, tailored to your challenge goals
  • Adjustable weekly nutrition targets, tailored to your challenge goals
  • Access to support from our very own Platform Strong Counsellor (includes weekly topic discussion videos, live group videos - either Zoom or Facebook, and optional one-on-one counselling).
  • Access to community group where members are encouraged to share their journey and communicate within the group
  • Private coaching group with weekly check-ins with technique feedback on lifting and nutrition (one-on-one coaching only)
  • 1x Platform Strong Tee or Singlet (because you're a part of the team now)(100% discount code provided after purchase)



You MUST be receiving one of the below coaching packages in order to participate in the challenge. Contestants who do not do this will not be able to participate, nor will they receive a training program or nutrition targets.


  • One-on-one Coaching - $35 p/w (discounted price)

Includes private coaching group with weekly check-ins. This includes weekly weigh in and progress pics for accountability. You will also receive feedback on technique and nutrition. Learn how to track macros and flexible diet (big YES). This is recommended although not compulsory to get the most out of this challenge if you are someone who is looking to improve their lifting.


  • Group coaching - $20 p/w (discounted price)

Includes access to community group where feedback is offered to a number of contestants each week. It is encouraged to share your journey and your progress with the group to help inspire and encourage others to do the same. Our coaches will do their best to help as many of you as possible!


How is it judged?

Since we all have different goals, we can't be judged by one specific criteria.

The top 5 winners will be judged on the following:

  • Their compliance to their program and nutrition
  • Their consistency over the 10 week period
  • Their attitude and mindset
  • Their ability to adapt in challenging situations (eg social outings or holidays)
  • Their overall progress towards their goal


And lastly, the details you've all been waiting for - the PRIZES!

Our Top 5 Winners will receive:

1️⃣ $2500 CASH to take home

2️⃣  Playstation 5 Console

3️⃣ $500 Muscle Nation Voucher

4️⃣ $200 Sephora Voucher

5️⃣ $150 Muscle Nation Voucher

ALL of our top 5 contestants will also win a FREE professional photoshoot to show off their own transformations.


Now let's have a banger of a 10 weeks together and start 2021 on a positive note!

Team Platform Strong xx