Some of our most recent results from our clients through our nutrition and programming.

We practice an intimate approach that educates and mentors you from start to finish so that you can continue your journey once you no longer require our services.
We teach you proper nutrition and how to flexible diet (because we all have a life outside of the gym) and construct a training program around your schedule making sure that the basics are covered.

Anyone can achieve results like this if they put the tools into practice!


  • Nutrition Targets

    Once your goals have been established with your coach you will be prescribed with macronutrient and calorie targets to aim for. You may also be given a meal plan to follow within those targets if necessary.

    Our tracking method is through the 'MyFitnessPal' app where we ask you to track your daily intake to meet those targets.

  • Weekly Check-ins

    You will check-in with your coach once per week on your allocated check-in day. This will include your weekly average calories and macronutrients, and daily food logs if requested. Your coach will give in depth feedback to assist and educate you in making more informed food choices and planning around social events and occasions. Checking in with your coach weekly allows you to stay on track and keep accountability when needed.

    Adjustments to your targets will be made when necessary to ensure you are continuously progressing towards your goals!

  • Ongoing Support

    You will have 24/7 access to your private coaching group to communicate with your coach, as well as our community group that has over 100 members that are active in the group.

    We take the time to ensure that you are getting the most out of your coaching service by providing a weekly questionnaire for you to submit with a self reflection section and feedback. This helps to keep you and your coach communicating honestly and continuously direct you towards the desired outcome.