Platform Strong is an in person and online based coaching method that offers affordable and effective training and nutrition programming.

We specialise in developing the three main lifts used in powerlifting: Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. Our personalised coaching revolves around our core belief that technique comes before numbers.

Our team of experienced coaches are comprised of high level Powerlifting athletes, Jen Smith & David Stearman who will ensure the sustainability of our team members’ lifting journeys by making sure that each of our clients is performing lifts correctly and that proper nutrition is followed.

No client is the same, which is why we work hard to ensure each individuals goals are met.


You may be familiar with 'X week challenges'... you might have even signed up for one before (and been ripped off)!
But let me tell you, our challenges offer something you have never seen.

In an attempt to break the stigma around fad dieting and quick fix weight loss challenges,
we created a system that applies a healthy and balanced approach to fitness while producing the desired results.

Instead of going balls to the wall for 10 weeks before falling back into old ways, we practice an intimate approach that educates and mentors you from start to finish so that you can continue your journey once the challenge or your coaching is over.
We teach you proper nutrition and how to flexible diet (because we all have a life outside of the gym) and construct a training program around your schedule making sure that the basics are covered.

Anyone can acheive results like this if they put the tools into practice!



Fill out the form by clicking on one of the join buttons below.
Make sure to provide as much information as possible so that we can understand your goals and current abilities.


Once your sign up form has been submitted, you will receive an automated email to sign the direct debit form and to add your coach on Facebook.

Both of these steps must be completed to setup your private coaching group. Once complete, your coach will add you to your private group and post your nutrition eBook and new macronutrient and calorie targets.

No contracts or sign up fees, cancel at any time.


The fun begins!

You will be working with your coach towards your fitness goals, learning proper technique and a flexible approach to nutrition to optimise your health.

You will be allocated a check-in day once per week or fortnight for your coach to review your nutrition logs to make sure that you are correctly tracking and keep you accountable.

You will also have access to our Team Platform Strong Facebook group where our community is constantly posting support, questions, recipes, tutorials etc.

We want you to succeed!

Your coaches are dedicated to ensuring your nutrition is on point for you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.
Join today and get started right away!


If you're serious about taking your training to the next level and want to learn how to lift the right way, Platform Strong will take you there.



"Love these guys! Dave & Jen live and breath powerlifting and it shows! Highly recommend

them if you want to learn how to lift with great technique and get strong"

Cathi Rock

03 MAY 2019



"At the start of the year I refused to lift heavy weights in the fear of looking ‘manly’ and dreaded going to the gym.

I am now benching twice a week and squatting and deadlifting my own body weight while absolutely loving every minute of it. I have learnt so much from Dave in the last few months and I couldn’t thank him enough for his wisdom and constant support. There’s truly no better feeling than feeling strong and I can’t wait to keep achieving my goals 💪🏼

Kirby Gartner

23 OCT 2019



"Shoutout to one of the best coaching teams on this planet. This man has transformed me from an average human into something I never knew I could be. Mentally and physically.

Thank you for your endless guidance and friendship! This is only just the beginning"


Kendall Adrian

22 SEP 2019