The recipe for success is in the service we offer!

Our aim is to help you move better, look better and feel better. That's why we have combined training and nutrition in our complete coaching package to deliver the best service and the best results at an affordable price. Our complete coaching service operates online through a private coaching group so that we are able to monitor your training and nutrition without being there with you in person.

This means that our coaching is available for anyone to join! We have world class athletes from across Australia and other Countries who are producing phenomenal results from our online coaching services.

Our complete coaching package includes the choice of weekly or fortnightly check-in options to cater for all clients. We recommend weekly check-ins for all clients who are starting out with us, however the option is yours!

  • Programming

    Take the thinking out of your training.

    As a Platform Strong member you will receive weekly programming for the duration of your coaching.

    Once we have discussed your goals we will build a program tailored to achieve the results, providing weekly prescribed exercises for each session.

    Our method of programming is aimed to improve your strength and movement, while building muscle.

    We also work with clients who wish to compete, structuring their competition prep and peaking phases to ensure your prep runs as smooth as possible.

  • Technique

    Receive detailed feedback on your lifting each week.

    Once you join as a Platform Strong team member, you will have access to a private coaching group with the coach of your choice.

    This is where you will check-in with your coach weekly or fortnightly to receive in depth feedback and technique cue's on your lifting to ensure you are progressing. The feedback can then be implemented into your training straight away.

  • Nutrition (Additional Cost)

    Learn to fuel your body correctly for optimal performance and results!

    After discussing your goals, your coach will prescribe you nutrition targets to aim towards.

    We practice an intimate approach that educates and mentors you from start to finish so that you can continue your journey once you no longer require our services and can make smarter choices with your nutrition.
    We teach you proper nutrition and keep you accountable by checking in with you weekly. Feedback and adjustments are made when necessary to ensure you are always on track for your goals!

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